Penny Gun Auction is a new type of auction experience that combines the excitement of a cash bash or a gun bash online.

You have a real chance to win a new in-the-box serial-numbered gun at less than the cost of a ticket to fire station raffle or a cash/gun bash.

Penny Gun Auction is where you experience the thrill of participating in live auctions while enjoying the opportunity to win your next gun for pennies!

Unlike some auctions sites, Penny Gun Auction features only quality brand new firearms that are in inventory and ready to ship.

Bids cost only $0.50 each, so you can walk away a with a new firearm for pennies! There are also Bid Package Special Offers offered regularly when you can purchase your bids at reduced rates

With each new bid placed on a penny auction, the auction price will increase by one cent (hence the term “penny”). When the auction clock goes under the timer reset amount (usually 10-20 seconds), any bid placed will increase the clock back to the timer reset amount. The reason for the time increase is to give other users a chance to respond and bid again if they wish (similar to the way an auctioneer in a live auction says, “GOING, GOING, SOLD!”).

An auction ends when there are no further bids and the internal system counter clock expires — That’s when someone is the winner!

WIN NEW FIREARMS! was created by firearms enthusiasts for firearms enthusiasts. We are all U.S. Marines and police officers. gives you a real chance to win a new gun almost every day – for less than the cost of a ticket for a cash gun bash or gun bash.

Firearms are NEW, in-the-box, serial-numbered & currently in inventory at

When you bid on an auction, you are bidding on the exact firearm with the serial number listed.

Once you pay for the auction you won, your firearm ships to your selected FFL in your local city/state generally within 72 hours (most ship sooner) after receiving the required paperwork from your local FFL where you have chosen to have the winning item shipped for delivery to you.

Penny Gun Auction works hard to supply you with desirable, quality, brand name firearms. Our goal is to give you the firearms you want to win so your requests are important to us. If there is a particular firearm you would like, please let us know – send us an email at

Remember if you are not legally able to purchase a firearm – DO NOT BID.

Penny Gun Auction is a licensed FFL dealer.
THANK YOU from the Penny Gun Auction Team – GOD BLESS AMERICA!